Victoria Park Hawker’s Market

Victoria Park Hawker’s Market on Friday night, now becoming one of our regular activities for the week. It’s really nice because we could find lots of food from around the world in one place, the other thing that make it perfect is because we can bring our lil puppy ‘Lola’ comes along together to join the crowd. It was a great venue to catch up with friends and family, the music is groovy too. You can bring picnic rug or chair because sometimes it’s hard to find empty table.




Those are some menu that you can have there. From up-left and move clockwise : Pad Thai(Thailand) $6 – Roo Steak Sandwich(Australia) $15 – Spaghetti bolognaise(Italia) $15 – Jamaican bbq jerk chicken(Jamaica) $15. Last night i try Bombolini (Italian Doughnut) $5, a Arancini (Italia) $6 and Portuguese egg tart $4.5 as our dessert. My son bought Lamb Curry Rice (India) $12.5 and my hubby choose Bento Box (Japan) $15 for their dinner.

We haven’t try some of the food there, but we plan to try them next week 🙂



Harvest Espresso

Harvest espresso is one of the best small cafe in town. Some people call this kind of cafe as micro restaurant. And now micro restaurant is growing fast in Perth. I heard about Harvest espresso from my friend. And one day, my jog route pass this cafe, I found out the place is too small for a beautiful cafe with beautiful food like it.

It;s location is in the heart of Town of Victoria Park along the side of cafe strip there. This area is so happening at this time. It’s growing so fast lately with availability of more bubbly and spacious restaurant like the Precint, San Churro together with some micro restaurant like harvest espresso, etc made more people coming and business increases indeed.

What makes Harvest different from other cafe is because they provide different menus for every season. What a great effort isn’t it? That’s why people always eager to come and try their new menu. And also their matcha latte is so delicious. Those menus on the photos are their winter menu. Food prices range from $10 – $25. For coffee lover you should try their dirty matcha latte. What I have is ice dirty matcha latte with ice cream. Its so beautiful. Beautiful food with beautiful presentation, it’s just like you’ve been served by a masterchef. I definitely want to came back there again and again.

More about Harvest Espresso.