Tempe Mendoan

Ingredients :
250 gr tempe, thin slices
125 gr all purpose plain flour
200 ml water
1 green onion, thin slices

Grounded Ingredients:
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp coriander seed
1 cm kencur/kaempferia galanga

Sweet soy sauce condiment:
5 tbs sweet soy sauce
1 clove garlic, grounded
4 hot chilli, grounded

Methods :

  1. Mixed well flour, water and grounded ingredients. Add green onion. Mixed well again.
  2. Dye tempe into the batter. Deep fried but not make it too crispy. It’s should be a bit soggy.
  3. Ready to serve with sweet soy sauce condiment.


Sambal Tempe ala Bu Slamet

We made it when my mother in law came to Perth last March. It’s so yummy, couldn’t stop ate until we run out all the warm rice 🙂


1/2 pack tempe, fried

3 cloves garlic

hot chili

salt to taste


Blend all ingredients using mortar and pestle until smooth but not too smooth anyway. The amount of hot chili is depend on how hot you can afford 🙂

Oseng-Oseng Tempe (Tempe Stir Fry)


It’s one of my favorite dishes. Tempe is one of traditional food from my country, Indonesia. What is tempe? Tempe is a food made ??from the fermentation of soy beans or some other materials that use some kind of fungus Rhizopus, such as Rhizopus oligosporus, Rh. oryzae, Rh. stolonifer (bread mold), or Rh. arrhizus. The preparation of this fermentation is generally known as “yeast tempeh”. (taken from here). The recipe i got from my mother.


1 pack tempe

1 shallots

1 garlic

1 red chilli

1 green chilli

2 tbs sweet soy bean sauce

salt and sugar

2 tbs canola oil


  1. Cut tempe into small square shape. Chopped shallot, garlic and chillies.
  2. Pour 2 tbs canola oil into pan. Put shallot, garlic and chillies into it. Stir it until the colour is faded.
  3. Pour tempe and the rest of ingredients. Stir it until all the ingredients mixed well.
  4. Ready to serve.