Tahu Isi

Just called it my husband favourite snack. He always eat it for break the fasting during the ramadhan period. In Indonesia you can find it in any street food seller. The usually sold it with another fritters like vegetable fritters, banana fritters, sweet potato fritters and cireng. But now here, i have to make it by myself. After trying some recipes, this one is the best one for me ­čÖé


1 pack tofu

200 gr coleslaw

100 gr beansprout

1 shallot, grounded

1 garlic, grounded

salt and pepper to taste

for the batter:

3 tbs plain flour

1 tbs rice flour



1. mixed water, plain flour and rice flour to make batter. set aside.

2. stir fry coleslaw, shallot and garlic. add salt and pepper to taste.

3. Using spoon or your hand, gently put the vegetable stir fry into the tofu as much as you can fit in.

4. Dip gently the tofu into the batter.

5. Deep fried in hot oil until it turn golden brown and crisp.

6. Serve with eye bird chilies or chili  sauce.




you can use shredded cabbage and carrot instead of coleslaw.