4 Tips for My Fellow Foodie Photographer When You Shoot at The Restaurant

4 Tips for my fellow Foodie Photographer


Taken food photos for “foodie” blogs or websites, or just to share with friends now becoming popular since social media are growing. We usually taken photo that served in a restaurant when we had breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here are 4 tips for my fellow foodie photographer:
1. Lighting is important.
    Window light is a great light source. It is large and when diffused it can wrap around your subject nicely. When you’ve got harsh light coming through the windows, incorporate shadows into your composition. When available, a skylight makes an               ideal large, diffused light source.
    Here are some photos taken when i went to a restaurant. All photos taken using natural light.

2. Composition is everything.

    Since the food on the plate, bowl or glass is the star of the image, limit the distractions in the background. Using a fast lens will allow you to use the shallow depth of field to your advantage in throwing the background out of focus. Just like people             often feel they have a “better side” to photograph, so does food. Turn the plate around so you can see which side is best to shoot.


3. Keep it simple.

When you’re shooting in a restaurant, be polite to servers and fellow diners. Stick to available light. Bump up the ISO if you have to, and shoot at wider apertures. Here’s where a fast lens can make all the difference as to how quickly you can                   shoot.


4. Experiment.

Do some experiment when you shot in a restaurant, try some different angle and use everything that you can use to support your food photo like serviette, spoon, salt and pepper jar, flower vase, etc.