6 Tips for New Food Bloggers


1) Create a content strategy

Create a content strategy on what your blog is going to be about is necessary for new food blogger. In the beginning you might want to write about anything food-related that comes from your kitchen like sharing recipes from the food that you cook daily or weekly. This is fine – it’s a good way to work out what you do like writing about and what you’re good at as a start. And after that you can narrower your topic or even make it wider when you expect your blog would give benefit to many people as a portal does. Deciding on a content strategy also makes it easier to build a dedicated readership because people know what to expect when they visit your site.


2) Produce the best writing you can

What story are you trying to tell? If you don’t know, the reader certainly won’t be able to work it out. Decide what you want to say and then cut everything from your story that doesn’t actually add to it.

Once you’ve written your draft post, go over it carefully, looking for any mis-spelt words or awkward sentences. Editing will really make your story. If you’re not a strong writer then there are a few things you can do to improve: 1) Read as much as possible; 2) Write as much as possible; and 3: Buy a style guide, editing guide and dictionary.


3) Consistently Writing

I am starting to do it now and I think it’s making a big difference. If you decide that you wish to blog maybe once or twice a week, it doesn’t matter if you not do it as what you plan as long as you continue writing. Maybe this week you missed one post a week but maybe next week you can write more. If you can, you might want to make a plan about what you’re going to blog about on each date and schedule time into your diary to prepare your posts. It’s a great way to ensure you’re blogging in a balanced, consistent and regular way. You’ll never get stuck for ideas again.


4) Choose a Good, Simple and Eye-catching Design 

I read a lot of food and other blogs and I generally decide within a minute or so whether a new blog I’ve come across is one I’m going to keep visiting.  I sometimes redesigning my blog to make it much cleaner. I want all the attention to be on the words and photographs with minimal distractions.


5) Blog Walking

Food bloggers are usually inspired by other people’s work. Acknowledge all your sources of inspiration and link back wherever possible. Create a blogroll or ‘favourite sites’ section on your blog to promote other food bloggers you like. Don’t forget to visit other food blogs and share the love by leaving thoughtful comments on the posts that speak to you so they know that you’re exist. The other blogger will be curious about who you are and check out your site back.


6) Find Your Own Style 

Do not publish material, recipes or photographs from other blogs or sites without permission, full credit and a link back to the original site; publishing without permission and proper acknowledgement is stealing. Try to find your own style to create your own original work. It’s ok if sometimes we influence by others but finally you’ll find your own style and be proud of your own work rather than stealing others.