How To Edit Your Food Photo using Capture NX-D




This time i want to share how I edit my food photos before i post them in here. I use Nikon with RAW file for shooting my photos, so that is easier for me to edit them using Capture NX-D as it’s a Nikon’s Dedicated RAW Processing Software. You can also get it for free.

“RAW” is one of the file formats used by digital cameras to record photographs. RAW images are “raw”, completely untouched data that require further processing to become true photographs, which is similar to developing silver-halide films shot with film cameras. The advantages in developing RAW files are that it allows extensive image editing without concerning about degrading image quality because raw file save all the actual data when you shoot. You can alter the white balance or adjust exposure after shooting, and fine-tuning images using Picture Control will not compromise image quality.

Let’s start with the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) image above.


  1. Open Capture NX-D application.
  2. Open the image that you want to edit using File –> Open Image
  3. Now we have the image and we can start to edit. In Pic. 1 below : I used contrast/brightness editing tool. I did an adjustment, add contrast to +20 and left brightness as is.
Pic. 1


4. In Pic. 2 below : I used Unsharp Mask tool to sharpen the image. I add Intensity +25 and Radius +11. Then the last thing i did is crop the image.

Pic. 2


In the image below you can see the after editing image. It’s just a subtle and simple adjustment that i made to this image. Next time i’m gonna show you the one with more complicated adjustment in the image. Hope this information is useful and easy to understand. If you have any question, just leave your comment and i’ll come shortly to answer your question.