Tarts Cafe – Northbridge

Tarts cafe – Northbridge is a favorite spot to have brunch or lunch in Northbridge area. It has fabulous coffee and tea and also some beautiful desserts. They also serve high tea at the weekend. We came there pass the lunch time so we just ordered drinks and light menu like chips. But I definitely want to go back there to try their breakfast and lunch menu which are very mouthwatering.

Tarts Cafe - Northbridge


Tarts Cafe is located at the end of Lake Street so parking is generally not an issue.  There are a couple of smaller lanes to turn into that should have parking spots. I came by on Sunday and it’s still not difficult to find a parking. Even if you park a bit far from the cafe, you can also walk around and enjoy the neighborhood which is lovely.

You can check the menu here.

Tarts Cafe Drinks


Address: 212 Lake Street, Northbridge

Opening hours:  Monday  – Sunday  7:00am – 5:00pm

High Menu



Cafe 2 Twenty Four – Belmont

Cafe 2 Twenty Four – Belmont located in Belmont area. It’s found at the opposite of Belmont Forum. I went there with some of my beautiful ladies friends who likes to taste new cafe in town. We grabbed a table inside which is quite enough. I’ve been tempted with their mega shake. I’m bit afraid that it’s gonna be too sweet for me but surprisingly it’s not like what I thought. Everything about the food was so good, beautiful taste. They had gorgeous presentation and very fresh. We spent almost half day there, from dropping our kids at school until pick up time, lol. From coffee  to lunch time.



I recommend you to pay a visit to Cafe 2 Twenty Four – Belmont.



For Cafe 2 Twenty Four – Belmont Cafe Two Twenty Four – Belmontcomplete menu, you can see at Zomato . See also their FB Page



Cafe 2 Twenty Four – Belmont

Opening hours:

7:00 am – 3:00 pm weekdays (7:30 am – 3:00 pm weekends)


224 Cloverdale Avenue, Cloverdale, Perth, WA

Hustle Cafe @Freo


Last Saturday me, my husband and Lola walking around Fremantle cafe strips. It was rainy day but we love rain so we just enjoy the walk. Lola a bit scared when she heard loud sound but it’s good to make her get used to with some loud sound and rain. We park near esplanade hotel then walk down the street toward Fremantle Market. Then turn right near hungry jacks. Fremantle was really nice place to walk along with your dog.




I ordered one mocha for me and one cappucino for my husband. We also had brunch there. We ordered smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and also mashed avocado bagel. They are really nice especially the mashed avocado one. The cafe is lovely, really nice to hangout with your friends. It’s really suitable for breakfast and brunch. They have some variant of bagels, cakes and muffins in their menu. The price is reasonable. And the more important for us is we can bring Lola there, lol.


I really love the ambience in that place. I think i fall in love with hustle, lol. Think about having those little wood tables for my bedside. They really awesome. And they could be my food photo props as well, really handy to bring everywhere and use it as my background. They really are photogenic. I absolutely want to go back there again.