Sate Ayam Madura

Sate ayam is another traditional food in our country. Most people love it. Madura is an Indonesian island off the northeastern coast of Java. The island comprises an area of approximately 4,250 km². Madura is administered as part of the East Javaprovince. It is separated from Java by the narrow Strait of Madura. *taken from Wikipedia :*

Sate ayam madura is chicken satay serve with peanut sauce and rice cube or rice.


150 gr peanut butter (you can use fried or roasted peanut)

7 candlenut

1 tsp dried shrimp paste

50 gr palm or coconut sugar

5 red chili, discard the seed

4 shallot

3 garlic

150 ml water

5 tbs sweet soy sauce

2 tsp salt

2 tbs canola/sunflower oil


rice cube

fresh shallot or fried shallot slices



1. Grind candlenut, red chili, shalot and garlic or you can put them all in the food processor until smooth.

2. Heat the oil in the pan, stir fry the smooth ingredients and add peanut butter, salt, dried shrimp paste, coconut sugar, sweet soy sauce and water.

3. Cook until thick mixture forms. Set aside.

4. Cut chicken into small pieces. Put 4-5 pieces into skewer.

5. Mix water and peanut sauce in a plate. Bast chicken satay with the mixture.

6. Grilled the chicken satay.

7. Serve with rice, peanut sauce and fried shallots.