Silver Sushi – Willetton

Silver Sushi – Willetton becoming one of my favorite restaurant because they had beautiful Japanese food especially their salad is so special. Their salad is so fresh topping with special dressing. We guess the dressing is made from fruity ingredients, it might be mix of pineapple and melon.


Vegetable Tempura


We order  their unagi sushi, avo salmon salad and veggies tempura, those foods are awesome. So fresh and beautiful. Unfortunatelly the place is too small but the staffs are friendly. Love love their foods and definitely want to come back there again.

Find also their menu on Zomato before you pay a visit.


Salmon Avocado Salad


1/41 Burrendah Boulevard, Willeton, Perth, Willetton, Perth, WA


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Avocado Milk Pudding

Nothing fancy about this recipe, just simple and easy.

Avocado Milk Pudding


1 pack nutrijell milk pudding (pudding susu nutrijell)

1 avocado


Follow instruction at the back of nutrijell pudding package then add mashed avocado. Pour in the pudding mold and wait until set. Better eat cold.

Es Lilin Alpukat


  • 3 Avocado
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 300 ml fresh milk


  1. Cut in between the seed of avocado, twist and pit it. Scoop the flesh out using a metal spoon.
  2. Put the milk, avocado and  sugar into the blender and blend it till smooth.
  3. Put in small plastic bag and let it in freezer until it hard.