Eid Mubarak Cookies Parade

Cookies Parade


All the recipe will coming soon……..



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My First Book Published :)

It was a big surprised for me, event I know it’s a long journey for us, me and mba Ike to make our dream come true. Not just because our passion on food photography and culinary but it’s our wish to documenting our works and share it to others as what we did in our blog.

Our first book was published a few month ago. You could find it in Gramedia book store all around Indonesia. Thanks to Kriya Pustaka as the Publisher who trusted us to write this book and to make our big dream come true and also thanks for all people who already support us in the making of this book and our great friends all around the world by buying our book. Happy baking everyone!!!






New Props from My Foodblogger Fellow

Just got them from my foodblogger fellow in Indonesia. Thanks Tika from Cemplang – Cemplung πŸ™‚ Love love love those props very mucho.





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One of a thing I need in my lil kitchen checklist :)

Ramadan Mubarak – The Month of Fasting Begin Today

It’s School Break – Part 3 (AQWA = Aquarium of Western Australia)

At that day, daddy made a surprise for us. He came back early from the office. He said the electricity was down and the building people said to them to leave the office early because it would take a long time to power on. It’s another bless for us, so that we could spent the day together. We decided to go to AQWA = Aquarium of Western Australia. Kiddos love it so much. We had lunch at Little Caesar Pizza at Hillarys. It’s one of the best pizza ever. We had chicken satay pizza and blackforrest pizza for our dessert. After lunch we went to AQWA, which located near the restaurant.

The most interesting in AQWA is we could see all the water animal around the Western Australia. They made a great presentation of each area.

At last but not least enjoy the pics of narcissists mum at AQWA πŸ™‚

It’s School Break – Part 2 (Margaret River – Augusta – Gracetown in Winter Time)

The journey is not over yet. We went to cookies galore. For those who like cookies then you might love this place. You could find some yummy cookies. But I had some bad experience here. When arrived in Perth, I just realized that some cookies that I bought there was expired. I already try to contact them through their email but there’s no reply from them til now. So please be very careful if you buy some cookies there, pay more attention on expiry date on the cookies packages.

After that we went to Gracetown as I told you in my previous post. From Gracetown we went to Cowaramup. It’s very special place, you could find some Cow statues at every corner of the town and some souvenir and balloon with cow themes.

We came to Candy Cow Store where you could find a lot of candies, fudge and nougat. The one that I loved was coconut ice.

Next stopped was Cheese Factory. As the name said about cheese, then you could find all about cheese with all the variation. The one that we really liked to buy is cider apple sparkling. It’s a kind of apple juice with sparkling taste. So fresh and simple.

Then we went to chocolate factory where we had our lunch while kiddos played in their backyard. They’re really enjoy the day by playing around with their friends. I bought white chocolate which i loved so much for snacking or drinking. I’m white hot chocolate lover πŸ™‚

At the last time we went to Providore. I bought passion fruit curd and honey. It looks like we all had a Β great time together. Alright dad? πŸ™‚

Now it’s time to go home. Bu bye Margaret River and around. We’ll missed all the great things there.

It’s School Break – Part 1 (Margaret River – Augusta – Gracetown in Winter Time)

Yay, it’s school break already. Kiddos and mummy really wants to have a proper holiday πŸ™‚ Alright dad?

Our friends asked to stay overnight at Margaret River, one of suburb in Western Australia. As we had passion in photography, Margaret River and around are beautiful places to go to. We could capture some beautiful nature from farm, forrest, country town and beaches. It’s gonna be a lovely adventure for all of us.

We start our journey at 7.30 am Β from Perth to Margaret River. Arrived at Margaret River at about 10.30 am. Welcome to Margaret River πŸ™‚

We went to information centre and looked around the city while waited for the Tavern Steak House opened. I recommended you to eat at that place if you go to margaret river. I loved the steak and lamb shank. So mouth watering.

After had lunch we went to our hotel to put some stuff and then headed to Augusta.

On the way to Augusta we saw farm with some farm animals.

And we went through beautiful forrest. You could did hiking there. What a beautiful nature!

And psttt…..don’t forget to take a snap in a forrest πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s me and my lovely husband.

At Augusta we went to the beach near the lighthouse. This time we’re not going to the lighthouse. We’ve been there a couple time and thought that this time it’s not necessary. I tried to capture the beach with the ray of light. This picture was taken at around 4pm in the afternoon. A bit cloudy and rainy day. But it won’t stopped us to take a picture πŸ™‚

On the next day we went to Gracetown beach. The waves in this beach a bit rough compare with the one in Augusta, but still it’s so beautiful.

β€œThe earth has music for those who listen.”
? William Shakespeare

It’s music from the Beach they called it waves.

The journey still continued in my next post. Hope you enjoy the story and the photos as well.