My Books in Gramedia

So happy finding my books in Gramedia – Indonesia. Me and Pawonike had wrote 4 books so far that had been published in Indonesia. If you are interesting to collect them, you could find those books at Gramedia all over Indonesia. Thanks to Puspa Swara who giving us opportunity to published our own book.

You could also buy them online :

Pastry & Pie :

Snack Arisan & Piknik :

Sedap Santap :

Segarnya Minuman ala Cafe :


Happy Hunting!!!


My work on Scarllett Magazine

Months ago, a new magazine based in US offering me to be one of their food photography contributor. The name of the magazine is Scarllett Magazine. They had online and printed version of it.  I just feel proud  of my self when i saw my works was there, lol.

Feel free to find some of my works here, you can click the link to find the recipe.

Citron mint with presse


citron presse with mint


grilled eggplant with chilli


grilled eggplants with chilli

My First Book Published :)

It was a big surprised for me, event I know it’s a long journey for us, me and mba Ike to make our dream come true. Not just because our passion on food photography and culinary but it’s our wish to documenting our works and share it to others as what we did in our blog.

Our first book was published a few month ago. You could find it in Gramedia book store all around Indonesia. Thanks to Kriya Pustaka as the Publisher who trusted us to write this book and to make our big dream come true and also thanks for all people who already support us in the making of this book and our great friends all around the world by buying our book. Happy baking everyone!!!






Me and My Food Blog

Hello World! *remind me when I was learn computer programming language, it was two words that always used to make simple program :)*

I’m a mother of two little boys who found passion in cooking, baking and photography. Start with food photography, now i tried to learn about portrait and lifestyle. Being around three lovely boys at home, I felt that i’m the prettiest because there is no competitor, lol. Had husband that got same passion in photography as well made me so lucky, he supported me in learnt so many things related to photography.

I made this blog as part of my passion in food photography besides that I wanted to keep some notes from my lil kitchen for my sons and successors 🙂 I want to share my passion through my journey in cook world.  Sharing idea how to deliver simple food into something special. To dig my knowledge of our traditional food even though I already lived far away from my country. I love to share with my foodie blogger around the world. They teach me a lot of tips and tricks how to cook in a right way. For me, simplicity always be the first for my daily life. But loved to try something special in my spare time. Always feel run out of time, need to do something better and better and still far away from my goal. Need to learn much more than what i’ve done so far. Never feels like what i feel now. My life is fulfill with something that occupy my heart and soul. I found out my artistic part in me. It’s so ME.

So just enjoying my blog now! Be part of my journey…..i’m growing with all of you.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

Stop Photo Stealing!

Been found out from members of Indonesian foodblogger, about their photos that had been stealing by dbc network. You can find some of their photos that had been stealing in this website  registered to CV. JOGJACAMP

THeir contact person can be reach through this email (Mia Kusumawati)

Address Jl. Aneka Elok Rt. 11 Rw 4 Cipinang Muara Jakarta Timur Jakarta Timur,13420

List of stealing photos by

– Indonesia Eats (

  • Ayam Goreng Kremes
  • Cwi Mie Malang
  • Gandasturi
  • Kering Kentang
  • Lombok Kethok
  • Mie Sop Ayam Medan
  • Nasi Ayam Hainan
  • Sop Kaki Kambing Jakarta


– Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom by Lidia Ratnawati (

  • Lepet Jagung had been post in her blog but already put in her flickr Lidia
  • Sambal Matah


– Cooking with Love by Yulyan Parwati (

  • Colenak
  • Roti Ubi
  • Soto Ambengan
  • Bakmi Jawa
  • Lontong Mie Surabaya
  • Pisang Rai
  • Ulukutek Oncom
  • kering tempe (kalo foto yang ini malah ngambilnya dari FB ku, aku nggak pernah posting di Blog)
  • Macaroni schotel (sama juga foto yang ini gak nampang di blog)


– Cemplang Cemplung by Tika Hapsari (

  • Apang Gula Merah


– Yummy Corner by Dita Wistarini (

  • Martabak Manis

Ouffer D’Thai Resto

One of my ad for a restaurant promo at perth, western australia. It’s a nice thai restaurant with beautiful foods.