So many people think to make good photo need big space and fancy camera. No, it’s not true. To make good photo you need good lighting. The key is controlling the light. Even in small space with a good light, you could be surprised with the result. Now I want to share where and how i execute my food photo around my house. I always use natural light for all my food photo. Now, let’s see how my natural light photo studio works.

These three pictures below taken in a room with the size 2x3m. I just used a bit space around the corner. Using table as background or wood sheets and styrofoam sheet as reflector. Sometimes i used ironing table as well to put the wood sheets. Not fancy at all isn;t it? But I love the big windows with lots of light coming in and also the sheer curtain functioning as diffuser. Dark curtain there has benefit as light blocking stuff. That’s why this corner becoming my favourite spot for taken most of my food photo.


The thick curtain help us to control the light, while the sheer curtain functioning as diffuser to soften the harsh light. Background also important to create mood for the photo. Dark background is needed to create low key photo or some people call it moody light photo. For example is spices and celeriac photo below. While bright background is usually use to create photo with bright mood like the coriander photo below.



The last picture below showing me shoot fried noodle. I took it in my living room which has big windows and wood space attach to the it. You can utilize the small wood space here to shoot food photo with simple styling.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.48.51 PM

So with the basic of photography concept and knowledge about how to style the food and make it mouthwatering you can make good photo in your house. Find any spot with good lighting and you can use your household to improve your food photography. Next article would be about how to utilize your household to improve your food photography. Keep shooting guys! Practise makes perfect.