Cake Zebra Putih Telur ala rina rinso

Source Dapurnya Rina


  • 400 ml  White eggs
  • 200 gr  sugar
  • 1 tsp   TBM/SP
  • 200 gr  butter, melted
  • 175 gr  plain flour
  • 25 gr    corn flour
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder



1. Heat the oven 180′. Mixed white eggs and SP using electronic mixer until foamy.

2. Add sugar bit by bit and mixed it until light and fluffy.

3. Pour plain flour bit by bit and mixed well.

4. Add melted butter, mixed well again.

5. Divide the batter into two parts. Add cocoa powder into one part. 

6. Pour the batter alternately between the white part and the chocolate one. Do it until all the batter done. 

7. Put the batter in the cake pan. Oven for about 20 minutes. 


4 Replies to “Cake Zebra Putih Telur ala Rina Rinso”

  1. hi mbak,
    foto2nya bagus2 bagus…
    but actually i’m not quite sure it’s called ‘zebra’ from that awesome photograph
    not even marbled enough…….
    hehehe…just kidding
    btw pake dslr tipe apa ya klo boleh tau?

    1. hahahaha…..the zebra run away when i tried to make a pattern 🙂 even me, i wondered why i called it zebra cake hahahaha……mostly i used Nikon d90 with 50mm or 55mm, but lately i used d700 with either 50mm or 85mm.

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