Ketupat Sayur

Don’t know what to say but i missed this kind of food, which called Ketupat Sayur. I usually eat it for breakfast when i was in Jakarta. Me and my husband bought it near my office at bus shelter Kuningan. I really missed it 🙁 My mom usually made it for Christmas or Lebaran. It’s a special food for us. Now I tried to make it by myself. And the taste is not so bad, my husband told me it was a blast 🙂 He never dissapointed me, my cooking always a blast for him. Thanks dad 🙂


250 gr beef



red chilli


400 ml coconut milk + 600 ml water

salt and sugar to taste


1/2 squash, cut thin slices

20 green beans, cut thin slices

1 carrots, cut thin slices/stick shape


1. Ground all ingredients except beef and coconut milk.

2. Boiled beef until half tender

3. Stir fry grounded ingredients until fragrance come out then pour it into boiled beef.

4. Add all vegetables and coconut milk and cook until beef and vegetables tender.

5. Ready to serve with rice cube, opor ayam/telur and crackers.

Opor Ayam/Telur


1/2  chicken, cut into 6 pieces or more.

5 boiled eggs
1 ltr      water
400 ml  coconut milk

2 lemongrass

2 bay leaves

5 kafir lime leaves

Ground Ingredients:
1 tsp   ginger
2 ruas  galangal
1 tsp pepper
2 tbs coriander seed
3  candlenuts
10 cloves shallots
5 cloves garlics
1 tsp salt


  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. Put ground ingredient into the pan. Saute until fragrance come out. Add chicken.
  3. Pour coconut milk, stir it and let it boiled. Add salt and cook until chicken tender.
  4. Ready to serve.